Creators, sellers, and distributors of
old-world Italian foods and wines
since 1926.

Genova Delicatessen is a classic Italian delicatessen with two stores located in Walnut Creek, California. We offer the absolute best in catering services and have our own factory where we create authentic Italian entrees, raviolis, sauces, pastas, and delicacies to sell in finer retailers throughout Northern California.

Homemade and kitchen fresh, Genova Delicatessen evokes the true quality of traditional Italian food. Our recipes (and our family) come from beautiful Genova, a small port city in Northern Italy. Since we established the first Genova Delicatessen in Oakland, California in 1926, our delis have been famous for our fresh bread, specialty cheeses, and the best cuts of meat, and specialty groceries. We support and source locally whenever possible, and don’t use preservatives in any of our products. Everything we make and serve is FDA approved.



1105 S. California Blvd.
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

phone 925-939-3838
fax 925-939-0156
text order 925-400-6814

M-Sa 9a - 6:30p
Su 9a - 5p


2064 Treat Blvd.
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

phone 925-938-2888
fax 925-935-5613
text order 925-241-4151

M-Sa 10a - 6:30p
Su 10a- 5p

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Thanks to our friends at Doordash you can have any of our sandwiches delivered directly to you.

ORder & Pickup

Coming into our stores but want to skip the line? You can text to order!

Downtown Store: 925-400-6814 
Countrywood Store: 925-241-4151

You can also fill out an order form and FAX IT to any of our locations.
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1105 S. California Blvd., Walnut Creek
Phone: 925-939-3838
Fax: 925-939-0156
Text-to-order: 925-400-6814

Monday through Saturday 9 am - 6:30 pm
Sundays 9 am - 5 pm



2064 Treat Blvd., Walnut Creek
Phone: 925-938-2888
Fax: 925-935-5613
Text-to-order:  925-241-4151

Monday through Saturday 10 am - 6:30 pm
Sundays 10 am - 5 pm




We sell some of our best selling deli entrees as frozen meals – all made in our local Walnut Creek factory. We use homemade recipes and make each dish fresh - with no preservatives. You can find them in all our delicatessens and select retail stores throughout Northern California.
All products are available for wholesale shipping as well.

Our Entrees...




...Homemade Raviolis...




...Specialty Items...


...and Wines



All of our products are available wholesale. Call 925-938-1590 for more information.

Most items are available at your local:

View our retail list to see where your nearest Genova products are!




With your meals, after your meals, or just for fun, enjoy unique, authentic Italian wines from Genova. In both our stores we offer some of the best authentic imported Italian wines in the Diablo Valley. While we specialize in Varietal Rosso (Red) and Bianco (White), we also stock Super Tuscans, Italian regional and table wines.

In partnership with “America’s Greenest Winery” - Parducci Vineyards Wine Cellars in Ukiah, California - we blend our own dry red and white wines to complement to complement the flavors of our food. Available in our stores only.

Our history

Our family and our recipes come from Genova, an ancient maritime city in Northern Italy whose tradition and culture are renowned and unique. We brought our traditions and our recipes with us when we established our first Genova Delicatessen in 1926, in Oakland California. Since then, we’ve expanded quite a bit, but we’re still family owned and we still make everything ourselves using ingredients and processes our family is proud of.

By Georg Braun; Frans Hogenberg - Georg Braun; Frans Hogenberg: Civitates Orbis Terrarum, Band 1, 1572 (Ausgabe Beschreibung vnd Contrafactur der vornembster Stät der Welt, Köln 1582; [VD16-B7188)Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, Public Domain.

By Georg Braun; Frans Hogenberg - Georg Braun; Frans Hogenberg: Civitates Orbis Terrarum, Band 1, 1572 (Ausgabe Beschreibung vnd Contrafactur der vornembster Stät der Welt, Köln 1582; [VD16-B7188)Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, Public Domain.